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 =SG= Forum Rules. (READ FIRST)

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=SG= Forum Leader

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PostSubject: =SG= Forum Rules. (READ FIRST)   Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:07 am

Welcome to =SG= Sonic Genesis Forum!

This is a quality Sonic Forum and we like to keep things fun, organized, and professional. Like most forums, we don't take our rules lightly. Rules help keep forums organized and enjoyable for members and staff!

Like I said before, we don't take out rules lightly, so if you break any rules, we show NO mercy.

So here they are.

1) Cursing is allowed, but please don't curse excessively.

2) No sexual content of any kind is allowed here.

3) Do not be rude to, offend, or insult other members. This includes attitudes. Do not take out your frustration against members and ESPECIALLY staff.

4) Don't Spam. This includes, but is not limited to posting 1 word posts, and excessive smileys.

5) No multiple accounts. This been a small problem, if you are sharing with the same internet connection in your household, make sure you inform the admin and staff to prevent banning of your account. If a friend or a family member gets on your account and creates trouble, you both with be punished, for we can ban IP adresses.

6) Lastly, use proper grammar. Don't come here using 1337 speech. It's okay to use it every once in a while, but if improper grammar becomes a regular thing, you will get banned.

Not alot of rules, are there?
Follow them and you'll have an awesome time here.

=SG= Forums is a privilage not a right, the rules are what they are. Failure to read or comply with rules will result discipline by staff members.

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=SG= Forum Rules. (READ FIRST)
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