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=SG= Affiliates

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PostSubject: =SG= RingShop   Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:44 am

~Welcome to the =SG= RingShop!

Here, you can purchase many valuable forum features to make your experience here a good one!

Username Change :(Change your username.): 50 Rings
Colored Username: (Change your Username to any color of your choosing. (Won't Change Rank) ): 35 Rings
Site Affiliation :(Affiliate your site with our forum.): 250 Rings
Instant A Rank Status ( Get immediate A Rank Status.): 300 Rings
Instant S Rank Status :(Get immediate S Rank Status.): 600 Rings
Instant X Rank Status: (Get immediate X Rank Status): 1000 Rings
Normal Ban Pass :(Use this to make your ban last only 3 Days.): 50 Rings
Bronze Ban Pass: (Use this to make your ban last only 2 Days.): 150 Rings
Silver Ban Pass: (Use this to make your ban last only 1 Day.): 350 Rings
Gold Ban Pass: (Use this to avoid a Ban.): 500 Rings
Normal Coupon: (Use this to get a 5% Discount.): 100 Rings
Bronze Coupon: (Use this to get a 25% Discount): 250 Rings
Silver Coupon: (Use this to get a 50% Discount.): 500 Rings
Gold Coupon: (Use this to get a 75% Discount.): 700 Rings
Mysterious Coupon: (Use this to get one FREE item of your choosing.): 1500 Rings.
Big Bag: (A gigantic bag with 3 Random items inside.): 2500 Rings.
Green Gem: (Become a Chatbox Moderator.): 4000 Rings.
Big Green Gem: (Become a Forum Moderator.): 6000 Rings.
Huge Green Gem: (Become a Super Moderator.): 8000 Rings.
Chaos Emerald: (Become a Forum Leader.): 12000 Rings.

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=SG= RingShop
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